On-Spot Registration Opens for all at 8:30 am on Feb 09, 2014 at the venue...

Painting Competition Details:


9th Feb 2014


Rani Sarala Devi School & College, Ashoka Pillar Road, 1st Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore


For Participants between Standard 2nd to 10th

Participants can choose any one of the topics mentioned below for painting

1. Indian Culture and Heritage

2. Funny Painting

Participants above 15 years of age can choose any topics to draw

Art Material

Drawing sheet will be provided by us on the venue

You are requested to bring your own art materials to draw.


For Participants between Standard 2nd to 10th

Please refer time slot mentioned in below table. (Participants's Categories and Time)

Participants above 15 years of age can come any time between 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

All participants will be given 1 hour to complete their drawing.

Participants’ Categories and Time (Standard 2nd to 10th):

All students of will be divided into the following four categories:



Competition Time

Group A

8 th to 10 th Standard

08:30AM to 09:30 AM

Group B

6 th and 7 th Standard

10:30AM to 11:30 AM

Group C

4 th and 5 th Standard

12:30PM to 01:30 PM

Group D

2 nd and 3 rd Standard

02:30 PM to 03:30 PM

Prizes in Each Category:

  • Exciting prizes for three best paintings from each category will be declared after one week of competition.
  • Few selected paintings will be displayed at Art Exhibitions with the name of the student along with the school name.
  • Participation Certificate will be provided to every participation in our art gallery from 16th to 23rd Feb 2014.
  • Selected paintings will be displayed in the artfinesse.in

Prizes will be declared on 16th Feb 2014 .


Rules & Regulation for Participation

  • Every student from 2nd to 10th Standard can participate in the competition. Other people can participate in event to support the cause to help physically handicapped children.
  • Participants can use crayons, water colour, Pencil, sketch-pen or any other oil based medium for painting.
  • Participants must bring their own painting materials for the competition. Drawing sheet(paper) will be provided on the venue by us.
  • Participants must reach to venue at least half an hour before the scheduled time of competition.
  • Participants must take care of their belonging. Any loss or damage will not be the responsibility of the organizer or their representatives.
  • Selected painting will be used for various purposes like display at art galleries and making greeting cards, with the name of student and the school.
  • The responsibility of transportation to and fro of the participants to the venue is solely lies upon participants, guardian or the school.
  • The expert decision of best painting would be solely of artfinesse.in team.
  • Information of winners and selection will be provided to the school authorities after result declaration. School authorities will be responsible for communicating the information to the respective participants.
  • This is a paid event with minimum registration fee of Rs 100. The money will be used to support physically handicapped children.
  • The winners and selections may be displayed on internet websites at the discretion of www.artfinesse.in.
  • All paintings by participants will be the property of artfinesse.in and its owners.

Event Venue

Rani Sarala Devi School & College, Ashoka Pillar Road, 2ndBlock, Jayanagar, Bangalore